We are a modern Polish company, which has several years of experience in the dietary supplements production addressed to children. We are constantly gaining experience in the health protection sector, dynamically developing our product offer, to meet the changing needs of our clients.

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Children's health and safety is the most important for us. That is why our product, such as Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipop Marssi is not only delecious, but first of all healthy and safe.

    We decided to use high quality ingredients:

  • Finnish xylitol high quality contamination and GMO free,
  • dried fruits
  • natural flavours and colours

Our lollipops production is compatible with HACCP, BRC, IFS standards

Quality control takes place from the manufacturing process through distribution - starting from selection suppliers and raw materials orders, to the production, packaging, storage and distribution of the final product to the point of sale.

That is why Our Customers can be sure, that they buy natural, healthy and safe products for their children.


  • Ikona listy Suppliers analysis and raw materials selection
  • Ikona ustawień Production compatible with HACCP, BRC and IFS standards
  • Ikona mikroskopu Final product testing
  • Ikona magazynu Storage under controlled contions
  • Ikona ciężarówki Transport under controlled temperature
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Innovative formula

Using knowledge, experience and professionalism of a specialist team, we create new products, which beyond taste value they have health-promoting effect, supporting at the same time daily hygiene.

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Clinical trail

To confirm lollipop influence for dental health we started cooperation with the Polish Dental Association and Department of Periodontology Medical University of Wroclaw, which carried out clinical trial on our order.

Based on them, Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipop Marssi received
an approval stamp of Polish Dental Association.

During the study, it was found that Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipop Marssi:

  • increases salivary flow rate which causes the natural cleansing of the mouth
  • prevents the drop of salivary pH
  • increases alkalinity of salvia which protects the tooth surface against acid destruction
  • decreases the level of glucose in salvia
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To children with love - a Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipop history

Inspiration to create the Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipop Marssi where words: "Mom, invent something for children!". Petia Hadjieva, CEO of Starpharma tells: The idea for healthy sweets was born, when my girls were notoriously demanding sweets and they could not understand why I do not want to give them. As a mother of two daughters I have always struggled with this problem. Often going to the store, my daughters were putting sweets to the shopping cart and I was pulling them out. I was constantly explaining why we should not eat too much sweets and why they are so unhealthy. After another turbulent discussion one of them said: "Mom! Invent healthy sweets! Invent something for children!"I could not disappoint them! Whole year I was working on a recipe and packing, to meet their expectations. And finally succeeded.

That is how the idea of the healthy and sugar-free lollipops were born. The most important thing for us is children's health and safety. That is why, during product's research and developing process, first thing which we took care of was positive effect on health. I decided to use safe ingredients, which will make our lollipop unique and at the same time tasty: high quality Finnish xylitol - contamination and GMO free, dried fruits, natural flavours and colours. That is why today we can enjoy the taste of Denti-Pop Healthy Lollipops Marssi!

Petia Hadjieva

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Approval Stamp of the Polish Dental Association

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Reliable partners

We are present in the major pharmacies chains, as well as, in the key drug stories and hypermarkets in Poland. Our products are exported to Partners from European Union countries, outside European Union countries and Near East countries.